Tsunami Wazahari


The origin of the french Tsunami Wazahari phenomenon began in the mid 90s, when Tsu began experimenting as dj and producer with electronic music, influenced by techno and acid house, but also trip hop, breakbeat etc … He naturally joined the techno scene, but quickly drift to dub productions that keep the stigma of his first references: electronic stepper, the Tsunami Wazahari’s sound is characterized by its mystical and meditative atmosphere, punctuated with an Eastern vibe properly incorporated. He produced CD album, vynil and many releases and remix on independents labels, but especially on Al Dente Records and on Fresh Poulp Records and being co-manager both. Usually alongside MC Saimn-I from Belgium on productions and on stage, his large discography made him travel the world and play on 4 of the 5 continents, from Mexico to China …