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Tsunami Wazahari feat. Saimn-I “Revelation EP” A1. Revelation A2. Revelation Dub B1. For Granted B2. Dub Granted

10″ Vinyl 300 copy 10.00€

ADDP002+ADR05 Tsunami Wazahari “Revelation EP ” + “Prophete Of the Fat Sound”

CD Album + 10″ Vinyl 15.00€

Tsunami Wazahari “Nippon Takeover EP” A1- Nippon Takeover (original version) A2- Bound to meditation (vocal by Saïmn-I) A3-Nippon Takeover (Vocal dub part 3 by Webcam Hi-Fi A4- Nippon Takeover (Hardstepper Dub B1- Shogun (original version) B2- Fly Away (vocal by Saïmn-I) B3- Shogun (the roots & the shogun dub by Roots Ista Posse) B4- Shogun(Hardstepper dub)

12″ Vinyl 8 tracks 300 copy Out of Order



ADDP001+ADR05 Tsunami Wazahari “Nippon Takeover EP” + “Prophete Of the Fat Sound”

CD Album + 12″ Vinyl Out of Order

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